Specialist, Procurement and Contract Management

Bethesda, Maryland, United States | Clinical Affairs Division | Full-time | COVID-19 remote


The Procurement and Contract Management Specialist manages the procurement and contract processes
for the entire lifecycle within a standard business year. Additionally, the position is responsible
for the day-to-day management of all Clinical Affairs Division (CAD) contract packages a all
required documentation and signatures, ensuring compliance with NACHC contract policies and
procedures. Lastly, the Specialist works both internally and externally to track the completion of
all federal and non-federal contracts, letters of agreement, and if necessary, memorandums of
understanding (MOUs).

 General Duties
• Prepare all federal and non-federal contracts for CAD project leads.
• Assemble and prepare all required supporting documentation to comply with federal and n federal
procurement standards. Examples of supporting documentation include:
o System Awards Management (SAM) searches of vendors and contractors
o Vendor Information Forms
o Procurement Summary Forms
o Sole Source Justification Forms, and
o Cost Price Analysis
• Act as the liaison between project leads and vendors to collect information and required
documentation for all contracts and letters of agreement
• Provide weekly reports and updates to CAD leadership and project leads on the status of
• Utilize several different electronic systems (e.g., Salesforce, SharePoint, AdobeSign) on a dai
basis to track and monitor contracts from initial submission, to signature gathering, through
• Perform monthly quality assurance checks on the contract process, including specific contra
that required editing and/or additional documentation, and provide a summary report to th Deputy
Director and CAD leadership.
• Perform all necessary contract releases, contract extensions, and contract-close out process
for all open contracts.
• Provide on-going training and guidance on contract management and any updates on feder
regulation changes to project leads.



• Attend meetings with CAD staff and the Finance division to provide synergy, answer questio and
update any internal processes for efficiency.
• Develop standard operating procedures and fact sheets for CAD staff and project leads to ensure
uniformity in submission and documentation gathering for all contracts.

Required Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, public administration or related field
• Experience working in a non-profit, highly desirable
• Experience in federal contracting, a plus
• Knowledge in federal regulations and procurement standards, highly desirable

Other Qualifications and Experience:
• Strong attention to detail
• Strong organization and communication, a plus
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
• Experience in Salesforce and SharePoint systems, a plus
• Customer service skills, a plus