Director, Knowledge Management and Learning

Bethesda, Maryland, United States Full-time

The Director, Knowledge Management and Learning, is as a senior leader in the Training in Technical Assistance Department, serving essentially as the Deputy to the Vice President for Training and Technical Assistance. This Director guides the strategic development, delivery and evaluation of training and technical assistance that elevates health center operational performance. This Director is responsible for the day-to- day operations of the Department with a focus on efficient and Department operations, including administrative management, marketing of services, coordination with other Departments and full stewardship of federal funding for health center training and technical assistance.


  • Serve as the senior leader for the department in the absence of, and for major department-wide projects assigned by the VP;
  • Provide day-to-day oversight of the business operations of the Training and Technical Assistance Department under the direction of the VP;
  • Ensure project accomplishment, process improvement and program compliance, particularly for activities which cross departmental/division boundaries;
  • Leads the development of new and innovative learning programs and associated needs assessment, evaluation, systems management and resource quality;
  • Provides direct supervision to operations support staff and learning systems team;
  • Leads the development, implementation and management of federal cooperative agreements for training and technical assistance, most important with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).



  1. Work across the department, in close partnership with the VP, to build an exceptional department team who sets and accomplishes goals and objectives that measurably improve the operational performance of health centers;
  2. Supervise daily business operations of the department, including supervision and coaching of the Department operations team and the learning strategy team;
  3. Lead and implement the development of the HRSA cooperative agreement work plan and budget, progress reports, monthly financial review, internal cross-department project management and liaison with the assigned federal project officers.
  4. Formulate plans, coordinate work, and ensure project accomplishment and compliance, particularly for projects which are the responsibility of more than one assigned staff person and/or cross organizational boundaries (departments/divisions);
  5. Use data and information to drive and guide decision-making in the department, including analyzing impact of offerings, assessing the vendor marketplace, identifying current and trends, and changes needed in the department’s programs for health centers.
  6. Guide the marketing, evaluation and, implementation of all education, training and technical assistance provided by the T/TA Department in close coordination with other departments and external partners;
  7. Track, analyze and report on the budget status of the department and its funding sources;
  8. Develop and/or revise and implement policies and procedures which improve the internal operations of the department and ensure superior quality of product and services internally and externally;
  9. Ensure planning, delivery and follow up for regular department staff meetings;
  10. Assist department staff with vendor contract development and management;
  11. Co-lead the staffing responsibilities, with the VP, for the Committee on Health Center Excellence and Training, and/or other committees or NACHC workgroups as required;
  12. Under the guidance of the VP, ensure align and coordinate of training at the national and state level, with key internal and external partners;
  13. Spur development of new and/or innovative adult learning programs, working with staff within and outside of the department.
  14. Ensure learners accessibility to relevant, updated learning resources (including the Health Center Resource Clearinghouse) and educational credits, as appropriate;
  15. Represent the department internally and externally on behalf of the VP;
  16. Take responsibility for other projects/duties as they arise or assigned by the VP.



  • Bachelor’s degree in related field (Master’s degree in education, health care management, public or business administration preferred), or equivalent experience;
  • Minimum of five years’ experience developing and improving training, education, or technical assistance programs;Minimum five years’ experience working with complex health care system entities, managing major grants, contracts or other legally binding activities requiring multi-year reporting, demonstration of compliance and achievement of stated goals and objectives;
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and maintaining partner and internal/external customer relationships;
  • Leadership of and coordination of multiple staff with complex and overlapping projects, deadlines and outcomes;
  • Experience in program evaluation, data analysis. and innovative program development;
  • Demonstrated capacity to lead with minimum supervision but in alignment with senior leader vision;
  • Demonstrated superiority in written and oral communication skills;
  • Expertise with Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint).



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